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WOW!!! - Into our 27th year of FULLTIMING - when my Retirement Phase2 rapidly hit me!"     

However there is still a whole lot of Living in or out of an RV to do!   

Enjoy YOUR Travels to the fullest while you still can  

      Peggi & Bratt (dachshund)  






May you continue to have a memorable 2015


winter driving 

Summer is coming to a close - It.s almost time to stow the RV or make plans to head south.  If heading out. Please have a safe trip!








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***  NOTE:  My FORUM is permanently disabled and can't be restored.  I appologize for any inconvenience ***



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Bratt helping me at the PC


Bratt helped me write going down the road  

  Bratilda (Bratt)  - 10 -yrs  

(Been with us (me) since April 2008)

NOTE:   I regret the fact Bratt had to return to her birth kennels October 2015 due to my negative mobility problems as a result of back issues.  I am OK now but I could no longer look after a dog.  Thankfully she is doing well in her new environment and she is being well cared for. I miss her terribly but she is so much better off now.




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GoodBye My Love  - 21st July 2012  " You were One Of A Kind."  & Yes "It Is Clearing Up Ahead"



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John_with_Medals_-_Luxor_2011.jpg (74648 bytes)



 I can't have you with me in person, thanks for beingmy personal Guardian Angel. My life is still empty without you beside me,,

With your support, 21  OCT 13 "I SOLD THE LUXOR!" Thanks for standing beside me during the sale process.

John's rapid demise began late May - 6 weeks later - 21 June 2012 his cancer - that began with a tumor on outside of his colon spread to his liver, blood & bone took his life.  Because his cancer moved so fast his intense suffering was brief.

RIP My Love


"I will always Love You John"

but I know I have your permission to move  forward for the rest of my life.





Luxor ]Small

Luxor is now sold -

She spent winter 2013/14 in Florida.

Not sure where she will be 2014/2015.