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RV Living in the 21st Century "The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers "  is jam-packed with helpful information.

For those new to the Lifestyle and Seasoned RVers as well 

This is the ONLY such publication that addresses concerns from both sides of the border





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Start your travels off right. Now is the time to have your personal copy of the most 

    Essential Reference Guide to RV Living on the market by your side!

      It addresses everything from buying your first RV to going Fulltime

      Information relates to both Canadians and Americans





You may have missed ordering

 your copy of


 Spirit of the Open Road   

but you don't want to be without


RV Living in the 21st Century  



 - The Comprehensive guide to RV Living


Newbies to Seasoned RVers

Vast info for those travelling  USA/Canada



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RV Living in the 21st Century 

 is one impressive publication


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      RV Living in the 21st Century   picks up where 

                                  my renowned best seller Spirit of the Open Road  left off!

                                                                        21st Century is a  "DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT"  publication

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RV WebLinks  Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   Getting Started;  Articles;  

Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA);      Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;

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RV Living in the 21st Century 

The Essential Guide for ALL RVers



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Topics include set-up procedures, dollar stretchers, low-cost camping, travel planning, maintenance schedules, budgeting, border crossing info and problem solvers for everyday living, plus so much more.



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Start your travels off with your personal copy of the Most essential reference guide to RV Living.


RV Living in the 21st Century click here  for book content)

Includes the best of Spirit of the Open Road plus 7 years of updates. 


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About the Book



    RV Living in the 21st Century; The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers will quickly become your best friend as you explore North America. It combines the timeless information from Peggi’s first best-seller, Spirit of the Open Road and updated changes in technologies that were not even thought of pre 9/11. In this interesting tell-it-like-it-is publication, Peggi addresses everything from buying a first RV, to finding a campground, to setting up, to staying in touch with voice and cyberspace, to packing, to driving, to everyday living and so much more. The McDonalds relay their good and not so good experiences of near two decades as fulltiming motorhomers.  As a Canadian snowbird that spends half the year in the U.S.A., she readily shares her comprehensive border crossing knowledge.

  • “How can I learn to drive that new ‘BIG’ RV?”  

  • “Can I park without hook-ups?” 

  • “Where do I find campgrounds?” 

  • “How do you hook up the sewer?”  

  • “Is there a secret to packing my cupboards so contents stay where I put them?” 

  • “Can I connect to the Internet while on the move?”  

  • “Is it difficult to winterize my RV?”

  •  "What can I take across the border." 


      The answers to these questions and so many more are jam-packed between the pages of this comprehensive reference guide. Although a portion is directed to fulltimers, the mega amount of information throughout the 296 pages of RV Living in the 21st Century will assist the new RVer, travelling in any size of RV, to become comfortable in their unit. It also addresses on-going concerns of the part time and seasoned RVer. 


      This avid RVer also relays many of the ‘life-lessons’ she learned the hard way so those new to this life can avoid her pit-falls. The comprehensive Index makes it easy to quickly find answers to your questions. Personal stories of places her and John visited along with a rendition of the unique experiences of their fascinating life on the move makes this book difficult to put down.  Many new RVers read it once for enjoyment and several times more to highlight specific advice. Their dog-eared copy then nestles in an accessible spot in the RV for immediate reference.


     Many dealers and RV salesmen stock this informative easy-to-read guide to present as a cherished gift to new buyers. They want their customers to enjoy their RV lifestyle journey to the fullest.




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Sample Chapter

Bigitis’ Is A Common RV Ailment



      Buying your first RV is always a difficult decision: 

  • “How long should it be?”  

  • “How ‘posh’ should it be?”  

  • “Do I need one, two or three slides?”

  •  “Should it be new or pre-owned?” 

      Oh the questions seem to go on and on. One thing for certain, even when you find your perfect dream machine it seems that another a ‘little nicer’ or ‘bigger’ or ‘fancier’ ‘or this’, ‘or that’, or ‘something else’ has just surfaced on your dealer’s lot or during your visit to the last RV show. 


      Don’t despair; this feeling is normal and, as a result, the average trade-up time is four-six years. Although John and I are finally driving what we feel is our perfect home – a diesel pusher that we emphatically say will be our last purchase but it is not always easy to stay with those convictions. Most RVers suffer from a constant ailment referred to as ‘Bigitis’.


      However, be aware it’s not necessary to ‘have-it-all’ on your first RV, or on each follow-up unit either. Recently, while reminiscing about the fun and experiences of our early travels, we discovered some of our most enjoyable times were during our early days with our older and smaller first RV. We could go to almost anyplace we wanted to.  

    Our advice is to find a unit that suits your budget and fits your needs as they are now. There are two ways to buy a unit – one for the lowest price even if it doesn’t have some main options such as a generator or an awning, etc. You can add these later or you can find one that fits your budget and ask the dealer to add extras and modification from your wish list and then negotiate on the final price. Either way works well but only you can decide the route you wish to follow.



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From Suzanne White by email June 17 2004


Hi Peggi, 

I enjoyed reading "RV Living In The 21st Century".  It is such a great book.  Even after all our years of travel I still picked up a few tips. Thanks Suzanne


June 24, 2004 by Ted Pagano by email



Thanks for writing your book. It will certainly help me learn to live in my trailer economically and comfortably both at the same time. More importantly, by it's wise and seasoned advice, it will end up even saving my very life - not a bad deal for just $14 bucks!


I read it from cover to cover - like all things pertaining to RV living, it was packed with so much incredible information I just read straight through not even trying to absorb it all the first time - I will go back again and take careful notes, and of course keep it as a valuable reference in my travels. Ted


Gertrude Rickard after book sale July 2004

Although we are 'old hands' at fulltiming, we learn something new every time we open the book.


Rodney Pickles - Campground neighbour

An excellent reference guide for all types and sizes of RV's.


By email from Judy Taylor,  Jasper, Alberta 

     I have just purchased your book 'RV Living in the 21st Century' and find it so interesting and informative.  My husband and I are planning on buying a fifth wheel when he retires (hopefully this year) and are thinking about becoming full timers.   

  Your book has just bumped up our enthusiasm about 100 points (and it was pretty high to begin with)!


Dear Peggi & John      August 2006

Just to say a thank you for all the useful information in your book ' RV Living in the 21st Century'. 

We retired earlier this year and ordered the book way back in January as a guide to planning a twelve month trip to the south west US which begins in a couple of weeks.  From the book we have learnt what sort of RV we want, found many links from your website and generally have obtained the tons of information that we need to help us plan this big trip. Your enthusiasm gave us the impetus we needed and although it has been very hard work, but we are renting out our houses and going for it in a serious way.

The time is now near and we fly to Houston on sept 5, will join Escapees and Good Sam, will buy a used wheel and truck and then be on our way ! 

If we bump into you along the way we'll say Hello but thanks again for the encouragement and information in your book.

Regards Pam and Sue


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Touch of our background

    As John and I approach our 20-year mark of living and travelling fulltime in our home on wheels we have launched RV Living in the 21st Century, the informative sequel to Spirit of the Open Road.

   RV Living in the 21st Century overflows with numerous great tips and hints featured in the internationally acclaimed best seller, Spirit Of The Open Road  plus seven years of new comprehensive information.

   Solutions to 100's of day to day life lessons ensure your travels personify RV Living - the  FREEDOM ADVENTURE

    Both new and established RVers will find answers to questions encountered today and those of the future. 

    THIS is the ONE book that should be required reading for anyone travelling the roads of North America in an RV.

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      Since 1997 Spirit of the Open Road  was a complete resource guide packed with information, advice and tips applicable to all RVing situations. Spirit's easy-to-read format and the humorous writing style made it one of the most valuable additions to any travel RV reference and "how-to" library.

     Spring 2004, RV Living in the 21st Century, the sequel to Spirit, has emerged in the same easy to read format and humorous style.  It has all the great timeless info of Spirit plus 7-years of new ideas.

Publishers Comments  


       Readers are raving at this new publication that offers an in-depth look at the camping lifestyle. RV Living in the 21st Century blends the valuable information of her best seller Spirit of the Open Road (published in 1997) with new technology, regulations and hurdles facing RVers in the 21st Century. Like her first, this book truly answers questions that ALL RVers will ask at some point during their on-the-road adventure.


      As a professional RV Lifestyle Consultant, Peggi works from her RV-based office and has endured frustrating moments when telephone and Internet access is, at best, sporadic and, at worse, non -existent. In the pages of her newest book RV Living in the 21st Century, Peggi offers solutions to connection problems as well as living tips needed to enhance this super lifestyle. Anyone considering joining the millions of Canadian and Americans who enjoy the freedom of life on the move NEED a copy of this book in their unit.


      The creative front cover features the outstanding mural on the back of the McDonald’s motorhome - it entices the reader to open the book to learn more. An extensive list of topics and sub-titles replaces normal chapter headings - the comprehensive index adds to the ease of searching for an answer.  Photos explaining RV life- lessons and some of the McDonald’s favourite destinations add an inviting touch to this publication.


     The indispensable information contained within the book is a teaching tool for new RVers but it is also beneficial for established RVers and for International Caravaners who dream about visiting Canada or the U.S. This is definitely a “don’t leave home without it” must for all RVers!




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Authors Comments 


      John and I were young retirees from the Canadian Military – Peggi (age 44) from the Air Force and John (age 48) from the Navy – with a combined total of over 59 years of service. Since we both had moved extensively during our careers, choosing a retirement life of travel seemed exciting and inevitable – our adequate pensions would assist with living costs. Selling the house plus many of our possessions and buying a motorhome (even though we knew little about it) to explore North America seemed a natural transition. As newlyweds of only four years, we felt the world was our oyster – for close to two decades we have been enjoying this outstanding lifestyle. 


      My first book and a best seller Spirit of the Open Road, the Essential Guide for Canadian RVers was launched eleven years after we began this adventure. Now seven years later I share my comments in my newest ‘how-to’ guide, RV Living in the 21st Century, the Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers this publication addresses concerns of RVers touring North Americans- especially Canadians and Americans


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Authors Bio  

      Peggi and John were as green as possible when they bought their first motorhome in 1985.  Neither had even camped previously, other than the occasional military field exercise where accommodations were giant tents.  When they retired from the Canadian Military there were very few books about RVing available to explain what to expect – none addressed the Canadian side of things.  With luck shortly after purchasing their first ‘Kruisin Kastle’ they parked next to Jack and Eunice, seasoned RVers from Florida.  This twosome literally took the McDonald’s by the hand to explain many ins and outs. 


       Over the years as Peggi’s writing evolved, her stories were published in numerous columns for a wide selection of RV and senior’s publications, she writes as a similar  helpful neighbour. In Spirit she relayed stories about their great experiences as well as those not so pleasant. She added even more complex situations in her new book, RV Living in the 21st Century; launch date – 20 May 2004. Her amusing tales will keep you spellbound for hours. All aspects are addressed - many include money-saving or safety-related life lessons that the McDonald’s learned along the way.





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21st Century 

and more books on the RV Lifestyle

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www.rvtv.ca  (Good Read)

www.rvzone.com (home page)






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& www.amazon.ca (Cdn$) .uk etc

& www.barnesandnoble.com 


Rave Reviews about Spirit -

2!st Century was equally well received. 

Click oval to see write-up about my first book Spirit of the Open Road from Family Motor Coach Ass'n( FMCA)


     "We are reasonably seasoned RVers with over 20 years of RVing in all types of RVs and we do not know how we survived without this book. 

     Spirit is chock full of timely tips and suggestions that have bee gleaned from on-the-road experiences and is presented in a style that anyone can enjoy. The fact that Peggi adds updates to her website is a bonus. "

        ...sent by email from Cathy VanHool  April 03


         "If you don't do anything else, get Peggi and John's book. I have just read it and it is full of tips you wouldn't even know to ask about until it is too late." 

      . . . Pat Mulvihill (posted on the RVUSA BB).


"Peggi proves she is also the Martha Stewart of the open road."  

 . . .Paul Van Hooydonk, RV Lifestyle Mag 



". . . is by far the best guide for RVers we've seen and we have looked everywhere." 

      . . . Roger & Louise Gendalion.





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21st Century is written in the same easy to understand format as Spirit