The Infamous

Plant City Strawberries

of Central Florida        Johnstrawberries.jpg (40603 bytes)



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Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City is the Largest Strawberry and Citrus

Market in Central Florida. It is one place most visitors to

central Florida return again and again.





                                  longlinegoesfast.jpg (70123 bytes)     The lines are long but they move so fast !       








Menu-plantcity.jpg (205482 bytes)  Menu choices too seems endless.

      Strawberry Sundaes come with

                         or without Shortcake

                                 or Ice Cream

                                       or sweetened

                                           or unsweetened

                                                or cake alone

                                                    or ice cream alone or, or, or.

 Each delicacy is served with or without an abundant amount of non dairy topping.

     Their Strawberry Shakes are to die for too.







dishstrawberries.jpg (26363 bytes)Choices are ordered by number;

               strawberries dished out;

                     condiments and extras added;

                          along with toppings.

Your order is ready for payment and pickup.

                    Find an outdoor table on the patio and simply enjoy.






        Other highlights of this stop is the wonderful gift shop featuring many one of a kind treasures.  Their vast selection of the most reasonable and freshest produce we have seen anywhere adds to this enjoyable diversion. Of course a flat of their fresh strawberries are the tastiest around.





        Early March Parksdale Farm Market is one of several major hosts of the outstanding 10 day Plant City Strawberry Festival complete with mega name entertainment, and numerous one of a kind events.  Afternoon and evening shows keep visitors from far and wide entertained for hours.  For more information log onto or call 813 752 9194 for details.





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