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                                                                                                        a GREAT ARTICLE FROM THE EDMONTON SUN - Spring 2005

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Book sales: - USA - Cdn


Canadian Forces Info (including Military Cemetery):


Referral and support for serving Cdn Military members1-800-883-6094:  


Metric Converter: 





TRAVEL (in general)


Florida Villas.  Locate your perfect Florida villa holiday rental from the comfort of your own home.

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Provincial/Territorial RV Regulations Cdn

These regulations are also listed in International Campground Directories such as Trailer Life and Woodalls. They are NOT always enforced


Note: British Columbia DOES enforce 

the towing regs for ‘toads’ 

that are over 1440lbs


For supplementary braking info plus general regs log onto


Another site with info on RV regulations:  


RV Safety and Education:


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and  Medical insurance

 RX,  Canadian, Miscellaneous, USA


Canadians Sites: Each offer different benefits for out of province or out of country medical.  See more details on the Important things we have to know Forum for more contacts at 


Canadian Pharmacy - Online Pharmacy for Affordable Canada Drugs - Save up to 90%. Our Cdn Pharmacy can safely fill you Rx needs at lower costs:   


Part of above - Our internet pharmacy is operated by experienced, licensed pharmacists in Canada (with consultants in the US): 


Snowbird Mediquote based in Calgary:

1 800 661 3098 


MEDOC covers Federal Retirees for Public Service Emergency Travel Assistance. (Top up available for 40 days  (PSHCP) to 5 million): or call 800 663 9995.


CARP (Cdn Assoc. Retired Persons - (no mbrshp required to buy Ins) part of the McLennan group with ETEF (Expert Travel Financial Security) (Top up available for 40 days  (PSHCP)  to 5 million):877 566 6805: (Similar to AARP in the USA)


Comprehensive Travel insurance - Barry W. Sanderson (including insurance for visitors to Canada): 888 302 7873




Popular and comprehensive Air Ambulance Service - 


Staying Healthy while RVing: 




USA sites - options vary, shop aroud


Ameriplan, Dental Plan with 80% savings: 


Medical Care, Dental, RX, Vision and Chiropractic discounted service and more with AmeriPlan  


Medical Insurance for F/T:


Personal assistance, medical records & Air Ambulance for U.S. residents:  


Foot care for happy feet:


Info (in French) on Quebec facilities accessible for persons with restricted  physical abilities 514 252 3104:  





including Wheelchair lifts


Wheelchair Lifts, Scooter Lifts, and Vertical Platform Lifts


Handicapped Travel Club, Inc.(1973) encourages people with disabilities to RV travel, meet and share 'How-to' info for "Fun and fellowship":



  Protecting Your RV


   We want to insure your RV.


Choosing the wrong RV insurance 

provider can be a costly mistake" 


Best Cdn RV insurance rates.

Ontario - 1-800-461-0318 

Atlantic Canada - 1-800-595-3403

Mexican Insurance is now available




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(See also RV Info or RV Link Sites)


A FREE comprehensive resource directory for all things to do with RV's:  


Malia  Lane is a single Fulltimer since June 2001.  Her “Journey Journals” make for an interesting read: 


Also check our Malia's latest venture, a great info service for RVers: 


How to make the MOST of your RV LIFESTYLE - for RV wannabees, new and experienced RVers:  


What's best for you? Gas or Diesel-powered motorhome?  


A must-see site for new RVers, many great articles:


Computer Program called 'TravelTrak' Track expenses and activities while on the road. 


Internet RV and Camping Guide, many links; 


Great resource for financial information: 


Great Information site: 


Another from south of the 49th:


Canadian content and bulletin board: 


One more Canadian info site:


CompuServe RV Forum--open to all---22 discussion sections: Tech tips, Fulltiming, Boon-docking etc. 


Comprehensive forums covering many topics: 


Good reference site -- great winter boon-docking story: 


General Info in Partnership with the RVDA:  


Abundant amount of RV Information:


RV Advice---the name says it all:


Comprehensive RV Info:


Fulltimers Info:

A very complex site covering many topics







Informative website featuring great Family travel w/photos since 1999: 


Family RVing:



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 (See also RV Info or RV Resources)


RV Zone offers near 1500 links of great info to RVers; 


Great site with 100's of RV reference links:  


Numerous Links:


Even More links:





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(As of Oct 06) Goin' RV Boondocking - Take a look at RV Boondocking Heaven - RVing without hook-ups!!! 


How to make the MOST of your RV LIFESTYLE - for RV wannabees, new and experienced RVers:


States where Taxes are beneficial for Fulltime RVers: 


Make S. Dakota your home state, plus mail forwarding  services. Many benefits  


Do not register in Oregon unless you live there:


6.9 cents per minute calling card---USA no surcharge---no hm. ph. reg'd:


 Singles International is a chapter of FMCA: 


 Escapees SKP is designed for fulltimers and singles - mega info for all RVers:


  Good Sam Club has singles and fulltimer chapters:


  Loners On Wheels is designed for single RVers:  


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Study or Volunteer Abroad - 1000's of programs jobs internships and volunteer project: - The best Job Search on the internet 


Caretaking- A good option for RVers outlined in the Caretaker Gazette: 


Find a sitter to look after your home worldwide: 


An insiders guide to Working on the Road: 


Workers On Wheels:


New Look-Helping RVers find work in great places - more than just for site rent - Workamper News:


Drivers needed to transport new RV's from the factory to dealers across the continent - profitable business - up to $30,000. per year:    


Publication on How to get paid $30,000 a year to deliver motorhomes:

More work opportunities:


Home-based or RV Business. Tutorials to place your business in the forefront of today's trend.   


Dealers wanted (35-40% profit) to sell on-line products. Contact  



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Emergency RV Road Service including Tech support:  or call 800 273 1110


Several Additional good choice of ERS services. Good Sam, Escapees, Family Motor Coach, Camping World, Explorer RV Club


 "How to Get the Lowest Car Insurance Rate Possible" (Students from a local Community Centre in Wisconsin suggested this site they found. Their teacher rewarded  them with extra credits for locating  this resource - 2012) Lowest Car insuran


Car Insurance - Let us find the cheapest car insurance rates from several car insurance
Ecompanies for you.  FREE quotes   

One of USA's leading providers of RV & Travel Trailer Specialty Insurance. 


Great articles featured below and info ref buying your auto insurance on line;   


NOTE: See Esurance stories on Pet travel

Kayla's trip - also under links to RV Dealers; RV  Resale's & Rentals

Compliments of 


Access to numerous links for insurances for all purposes: 


Auto Insurance Resources and Articles.: 


Canada's leader in quality RV and vehicle insurance (go to ad):


Explorer RV Insurance – Save 15% over leading RV specialists. F/T coverage , total loss replacement, contents and more /quote.htm 


Car and RV Insurance at Camping World. Free, fast no obligation quote: 


Expanded Warranties for vehicles and RV's plus more: 


See also Medical Insurance


For Mexican Insurance click here





Computer Program called 'TravelTrak' Track 

expenses and activities while on the road. 


One more Gas report for USA/Cda---spotters are everywhere:


RV Friendly Truck Stop plus Discounts for

RVers and overnight rest stops (800.438 3537):




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  Visiting Canada this summer?

You NEED this RV Travel To Canada  ebook! 



RV_Tr_to_Cda_2009_cover_-_2_small.jpg (19157 bytes)

(Click cover to enlarge)

Click here for details


RV Travel to Canada 

Seminar Handouts 2011


FREE access to listings of Dump stations world wide. Sani-Dumps in Canadian Provinces and world wide (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico - 3000 cities with Sani-Dump information).
     Add your favourite stop. 
Go to the Country - THEN CLICK  ON REGION and the list appears. Go  to  


Informative Site covering many aspects for visitors to Canada.  


Canadian customs:
or Dep't of Foreign Affairs/Border Info : Call 1-204-983-3500
or (1-800 461 9999 Canada) at  or Foreign Affairs/Int'l Trade 


General info about Canada:  1-800-O-CANADA   


US Customs Info: Info as to Food Dep't of US Customs - Call 1-703-526-4200. and press 3 or 1 877 CUSTOMS (US only) Click 0 if necessary


Customs and border protection services (Dep't 

of Homeland security) 


Canadian Government - Consular Affairs 


Firearm use in Canada -: informative explanation - Official Cdn Firearm Ctr- 1-800-731-4000: 


PETS- Animal Health Services at Cdn Food 

Inspection Agency (CIFA): 

East: 877 493 0469 (514 493 0468) 

Central 800 835 4486 (416-661-3039) 

West: 888 732 6222 (604 666 9240).


Leave your plants behind. For more info plants---

see also Cdn Food Inspection (CFIA) above: 


Plants to the USA  Call 

301 734 8645 or 301 734 7830


Transport Canada: 


RCMP (Royal Cdn Mounted Police) Locations across Canada and so much more: 


Canada's Revenue Agency

800-668-4748 /902-432-5608 


Importing a vehicle into Canada (a place to 

start if buying in USA) 1-888-848-8240 

or 1 416 626 1803:   


Info (in French) on Quebec facilities accessible 

for persons with restricted  physical abilities 

514 252 3104:   


Citizen and Immigration Canada:   


US Immigration and Naturalization Support:  or (products/forms)

Visas/general info.




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also see RV Financing



  Currency conversion: has forged relationships with respected and competitive foreign Exchange Co. Contact 4 best rates.  





See Also listings under Singles and Fulltimers


ON LINE TAX PREPARATION  and tax software sector of the individual tax preparation market:  





  RV Resources or  RV Link Sites


States where Taxes are beneficial for Fulltime 

RVers: /state.html  


Make S. Dakota your home state, plus mail 

forwarding  services. Many benefits  


Widebody RV's are not welcome everywhere: 


Don't register in Oregon unless you live there:


Complete winter RV Show info in Illinois: 


Detailed RV Inspection service for buyers - 

Houston, TX - plus do-it yourself checklist: 


info RV Price checks, vehicle values, trade 

info, reviews & more:


Importing a vehicle into Canada:

1- 888-848-8240:


Free RV info: (Canada)

or (U.S.)


RV/MH Hall of


Where to find Dump stations in USA & a few

in Canada: (CD list locations - $10.00 


FREE access to listings of Dump stations world

wide - Sani-Dumps in Canadian Provinces + more (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico - 9000 cities with Sani-Dump information).
      Add your favourite stop. 
Go to the Country - THEN CLICK ON REGION and the list appears.  Go to  


A full line of water filter systems, accessories and advice: 





Hobbies Directory. Add Your URL FREE - Boost 

Your Web Site's Traffic & Rankings with a linking 



RV Fun And – provides fun and entertainment.  Plus in campgrounds, at rallies 

or on the open road - we offer it all from favorite 

recipes that span the country to a listing of top RV shopping sites:


  Improve your Poker Strategy through accurate and tested professional favourites. Reviews and gambling industry news available on-site:  


CASINO: Best quality Online Games, Gambling, Blackjack, Internet Gambling, Poker Craps, Roulette, Slots, Sportsbook etc. Join  today -   earn for ever: 


Games and Lottery galore: 





Kay and Ron are another team that write and sing 

about RV Lifestyle experiences at many rallies:  


__________________________ \


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Junk my Car. Junk Vehicle Removal Get Rid of 

your Junk car - Free & Easy: - Auto Accessories. Shop 

online for custom car, truck SUV accessories 

and performance parts:




Towed Braking Systems

Saturn is an RV friendly tow car - 

Contact Evan Koen at Saturn of Fort 

Worth for more info: 


Visit the Honda Zone for everything for all

 types of Honda's; 


For the latest on towbars and base plates log 



Reese Products Inc -towbars 


RoadMaster Inc Dollies, base plates towbars 

and more 


FMCA's total towing guide---all types of toeds:


Protect-a-Tow offers the ultimate protection for

your towed vehicle and motorhome: 


The experts on towing a car behind a 

motorhome four wheels down 800 228 2481: 


Valuable info for towing a car behind a MH: 



Everything you need to know about towing 

your car or RV:




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Answers to all towing needs 800 566 9869: 


 Full line of Truck Part company: 


Car Auto classifieds for all makes with an 

online store for parts and accessories: 


Safety system for connecting fifth wheels:  


Pickup Specialties, The Truck Accessory



AfterMarket Accessories for Vans, Trucks 

and SUV's: 


Most Complete Line of 'Air Ride' Hitches 

for 5th wheels:


Everything you need to know about towing 

your car or RV:


Diesel Engine Trader is designed to 

connect buyers and sellers of diesel 



All about GM Truck diesels:






The importance of weighing your trailer/MH:




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Computer Program called 'TravelTrak' Track

 expenses and activities while on the road. 


GPS hardware/software navigation solutions 

& maps, low prices:  


We use this site exclusively - we have no GPS and this works well for us to 'plot our route' - for Free, see how far between destinations in Km or Miles:


Canada's leacinbmap service:


Maps, directions, businesses and so much more


Maps driving directions; travel store, and, and, and


Valuable atlas for RVers (check also check the Atlas that Wal-Mart sells): 


Essential Resource for RVing into 

Northwest BC, Yukon, NWT & Alaska: 


Trip Planning software (can be used 



Fantastic highway and travel info sites throughout North America:


RVers' & Truckers' Online Channel, great 

weather info:


Must-have mile-post "Along I-75" - This Awesome 

mile by mile helpful book is  updated annually:


Reaching new heights over east and west passes: 

(see Promo)


For RV friendly highway exit info -USA & Canada...'RVers Friend' and ' Truck Stop 




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International (USA) weather reports:


Canadian (Int'l info as well) weather: 


Another informative website to keep abreast 

of the weather:


On-line Int'l weather info designed for 

truckers and info on how to plan their trips plus specific road conditions: 



RV Living is a family viewing site we will  verify your site's content before posting.

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RV WebLinks  Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   Getting Started;  Articles;  Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA); 

    Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;  Book Nook;  (As of Oct 10) RV Shows;   

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