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RV Living in the 21st Century


+ Vol One  or Vol Two   





Oodles of RVing information all wrapped in an easy-to-read humourous format 


Click photo for more information about RV Living in the 21st Century.








Comprehensive Search Engine covering many topics 


RV search engine:


Another RV search engine:


All-Canadian search engine:


One of the 10 largest index and search sites:


All around great search engine:   






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Freelance Writing on the Road: 


RV gazette:


RV TIMES published-- Free on-line:


RVing Women:


Family Motor Coaching Magazine:


Camping Caravanning:


Free on-line Magazine devoted to the inside 

of your RV---The Home side;




Trailer Life:


List of numerous RV Publications:




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USA2Me - RV Mail Forwarding: Have a USA street address to receive your mail - operate a business On-line mail management etc. 


Make South Dakota your home state or just use their mail forwarding services. Many benefits for Fulltimers:  


Home Base Inc 1-800-422-HOME, also an Emergency Locator Service: 


Mail Boxes Etc---(Now UPS Stores in Cda)  World wide locations; personal address plus numerous services. John and I used MBE a our regular address for about 15 years  


Family Motor Coach Assoc (FMCA) members only---must own a motorhome:


See also Escapees:

Good Sam Club:   for more mail forwarding options


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Beginning Nov 02 -- travel between Florida and Mexico by cruise ship or;    


NOTE:  Also check many caravan companies about their CRUISES Below.





New inexpensive Cdn caravan to Mexico.  Length of stay is up to you. An interesting concept. Low Rates - 604 886 8710 - Gibson,  BC:


Mexican caravans (Ontario based):


For Mexican Insurance Info go to here


Rec-Vee Holiday Adventures (Alberta based): 


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Dot and Bill Bell are the 'Experts' on travel to Mexico. They offer a comprehensive on-line listing of  campgrounds and so much more  Sign up for their informative newsletter (circ 20,000)


Another great complex listing of on-line campgrounds: 


Three New comprehensive RV Directories 


Texas RV Directory and Guide

California RV Directory and Guide

Florida RV Directory and Guide

Great article explains all about campgrounds: 


Coleman Campground & RV Park Directory:  All the info you need in one place.  


KOA Discounts: 


Best Bet for Big Rig Campgrounds: 


Camping with the Corp of Engineers---seniors camp for 1/2 price: 


Camping, hiking and outdoor adventures:


A comprehensive boondocking site:


Camping and general Resource for RVers 

heading to Alaska, Yukon, NWT and 

Northern BC: 


Internet camping directory:


Same again:


A directory of free RV campgrounds in 

the American West:  

Military camping, benefit for serving and non-serving members:


'Must-have' Int'l CG directory from Trailer

Life: 2003 TL CG Directory CD lists US Toll Road rates:


Another one - same company, different name -  Woodall's:

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Alternate overnight rest stops

 more safe than rest areas. Amenities include

WIFI, restaurant, fast foods, stores and gift shops, repair facilities, fuel discounts etc:


Flying J have a series of RV Friendly Truck Stops across USA, (several in Canada) - RV Island for gas, fuel, propane, dump, water, air, plus separate RV Parking,


Truck Stops of America too provide many of the above features for RVers: including discount gas/fuel  


Rip Griffin Travel Centers also offer numerous enticements mentioned above directed to RVers including separate RV Fuel Island. 'Home is closer than you think":   

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RV Owner's Lifestyle Seminar School -


RV braking laws for British Columbia:


RV and car driver information:


Learn to drive your RV with confidence: 




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(As of Oct 06) Goin' RV Boondocking - Take a look at RV Boondocking Heaven - RVing w/o hook-ups 


            There are many new personal RV Websites and Blogs surfacing lately.  Many of these webmasters are also new Fulltimers as well as P&J’s Diary recipients. 

            Their planning and hic-ups along the way plus their general experiences will be extremely valuable to others planning to hit the road as well. Take a look at their creations  Cat and Brian are younger than most F/T but they have anew Fifth and are ready to hit the road


by Sandra and Gordon (Gordon is a professional photographers and they are new fulltimers) Sandra’s own version of their travels Read about Rita and Bobs journey by Carol and John – also fulltimers


NOTE:  If I missed anyone please feel free to send me an email PLUS make a post listing your Website/Blog on the ‘IMPORTANT THINGS YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW FORUM()



Malia  Lane is a single Fulltimer since June 2001.  Her “Journey Journals” make for an interesting read: 


Also check our Malia's latest venture, a great info service for RVers: 


Norm & Linda Payne's informative site-- comprehensive F/T record of their costs and travels and excellent articles ---now into their Seventh year of life on the road:


Kirk and Pat Wood's site - in their sixth year of F/T Log on to learn from their vast and extensive  adventures:


Rich and Diane Emond's site - Also in their sixthyear of F/T. More comprehensive information for those considering this lifestyle:


Joe and Vicki Kieva's site---popular 

seminar presenters and authors of RV handbooks: 



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America 's #1 PET INSURANCE Alternative! Our Veterinary Care discount program gives you immediate savings on all household pets.


Four Paws Kingdom offers 40+ full-hookup sites with 30/50-amps: and reservations at 


 PET FRIENDLY B&B at Ponder Cove, NC, Both you and your pets are papered:


A complex listing of dog breeds and breeders directory: 


How to make Pets welcome at CGrounds: 


A bake shop for Pets: 


Linking Pets and People, health care etc: 


Pet Travel to Canada see Cdn Food Inspection Agency: 


Travelling pets/Pet Hotel:


Pets travelling on an Aircraft:


Pet Medical Plans: 1-877-4PETPLAN


Catalogue of carrier cages and pet equipment:   



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controlling moisture, sani chemicals



DK Coffee: - The Complete A to Z of Coffee Resources and so much more:



Tons of Great Resources for Golf Lovers!: 


RV Holding Tank Chemicals - Eco-save ecologically safe bacteria/enzyme based products:  


Dri-Z-air - (non-electric) removes moisture from your RV interior while in use and/or storage: 


RV/Marine chemicals for sani-use or to clean/care for your RV: 


Discount golfing: 

All golf courses in NB:


UV protectant for clothing and adding colour to your life:


Knitting, crocheting, quilting and lots more free stuff:


Super strength multipurpose easy to use cleaner for inside and outside of your RV: 


Mary Moppins knows everything there is about cleaning:


Bike carriers:


A little humour goes a long way:



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RV WebLinks  Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   Getting Started;  Articles;  Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA);      Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;

 Book Nook;  (As of Oct 10) RV Shows;   Travel to Canada:  Travel to USA; (Oct 10);  

 Q&A;   Contact UsSite ContentsGallery

Picasa Web Albums



To report broken links or if you would like to link up  please e-mail the information to rvliving webmaster






An informative newsletter (circ 20,000) covers details about Travel in Mexico. Sign up on the The Bells comprehensive website: 


An informative, comprehensive monthly RV newsletter by webmaster Les Doll-- RVers Corner: (see Ad)


Another AMAZING monthly newsletter by Sign up today! (See Ad)


P&J's Periodic Diary is still available by email  Sign-up and on the forum. Details are located on all main pages of RV &


The RV Traveler Newsletter by editor Chuck Woodbury---numerous helpful RV Links: 


The Newbie Club's helpful site and weekly newletter to understand the Internet: (see Ad)


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RV BOOKS       


Recipes from the Road by The Cooking Ladies - Stovetop creations!  -Travel Advnetures! click hERE for sample recipe! See or for details. 


Before You EVER Consider BUYING or SELLING and RV on eBay Motors - a 'must-read' for BUYERS and SELLERS alike.   "How to BUY and SELL eBay Motors RVs"  Click HERE for details


RV Living in the 21st Century: The Essential Guide for ALL RVers - This is a 'MUST HAVE' book in every RV written by this webmaster:  click here for details. 


Helpful Computer Program called 'TravelTrak' Track expenses and activities while on the road. 


Learn the details of the RV Lifestyle the easy way through comprehensive Videos and DVD's: NEW PRESENTATION ARE ON THE WAY: 


'ALL' That Stuff You Need to Know about RVing 'by Rob Lowe


Americas best RV Cookbooks by Joyce Books - practical solutions for RV Cooks: Available from both and 


WORTH REPEATING The RVers Friend & Truck 

Stop Directory:


Along the I-75 fm Ontario to Florida:


East & West Mountain Directory: (see Ad)


RV Traveling Tales, Women's Journeys On The Open Road, a 'must have' book: 

Publication on How to get paid $30,000 a year to deliver motorhomes:


Freelance Writing on the Road: 


Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping': "Explore Mexico & Belize with your RV or Tent "(2nd Ed)

Mike & Terry Church: 



AND "Mexico by RV"---First Edition by Kathy Olivas: 


Click on to the logo below to order these outstanding books.


Heading to Alaska? you NEED The Milepost--the VERY best guidebook: 


An insiders guide to Working on the Road:



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Freightliner Chassis and Motorhome Club Info (chapter of FMCA):


National African American Recreational Assn:

 "Let's Go Camping": 


Explorer RV Club (Canada's First National RV 

Club), Call 1-800-999-0819 for info:


Family Motor Coaching Association (FMCA) for Motorhome Owners Only:  


Federation Quebecoise de Camping et Caravanning (FQCC):


Escapees SKP is designed for fulltimers but 

mega info for all RVers:


Good Sam Club:


Loners On Wheels is designed for single RVers:  


Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) with 

links to the AAA:



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Recreation USA--$10.00 a night. Annual mbrshp

18 months---Limited Blackout dates:


***NOW with a NEW 25% Club - join the $10.00 club and get the 25% Club Free for limited time 


CCA's Premier Camping Club--$10.00 p/night: 

CCA is no longer in business but  North America  

Camping Club is offering an alternative:              


North American Camping Club is the latest 

Discount camping club - $10.00 p/night:  


Enjoy America-1/2 off nightly rate--Part of RPI:


Happy Camper 1/2 Price Club - Canada & U.S.:


Passport America--50% off nightly rate:



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Your #1 site for Q&A's and Low Prices for just 

about any camping membership in the RV 



One of the largest membership clubs Coast to  

Coast Resorts (CCC):


Resorts Parks International (RPI):


The first membership club Thousand Trails Preserves:


Resorts of Distinction: 



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Oleander is a Christian Campground and a great stop for Mexico-bound travellers - Recommended by Mexico-Mike


Voyager RV Resort in Tucson comes highly recommended by friend Peter K. informal place with numerous events and activities. All size and style of RV's are welcome :  


Old Stone village - many amenities and attractions. Picturesque in lush rich wine 

country NE of Portland OR   


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Mega info about Cell phones and accessories: 


Rogers AT&T (Canada):


AT&T digital One Rate (USA)


Bell Mobility (Canada)


FIDO Cellular (Canada):


Sprint PCS Free and Clear: 


Verizon Wireless Single Rate Plan:


Cingular (formerly Bellsouth) wireless:


Voice Stream Wireless (T-Mobile):


Nokia Wireless Phones:


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SWA Computers offer quality computer rental equipment, audio visual rentals, Laptop rentals, desktops, Notebook, Plasma TV's etc.

All Merchant Services - We Help RV Webmasters:  Ask 'Matt' for help! 


A comprehensive site addressing new technology addressing connection to the NET: 


High Quality, Low Cost Conference Call and

Web Conferencing Services:


DataStorm Portable satellite Internet system is available for sale or rent. 10 minute set-up: 


True 2-way High Speed Satellite Internet access.  

No wireless, phone or ISP required:


Ham Radio Operators use their radios for email: 


XM SATELLITE RADIO: The lowest price on Sony EX Radio Equipment: 


6.9 cents per minute calling card---USA no surcharge---no home phone reg'd:  


Simplified on-line help for those NEW to 




Finding Internet access via satellite for RVers:


Answer to all satellite questions:  


A comprehensive website promoting Cdn satellite service to non Canadians:


C-Com Satellite Systems, Internet Access 

by Satellite for mobile RVers 877 463 8886:  


MotoSAT ultimate/advanced RV Satellite Systems - 800 247 7486: 


Mobile Aps for business

DirecWay Broadband Internet connections:  


DirectPC Satellite system for Internet:


Dish Network for TV Satellite:


Canadian Satellite TV---also offers Internet 

Satellite service:


Calculating Cdn ExpressVu DISH COORDINATES from the U.S.A:



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WiFi TOO!!

Tengo Internet High speed internet with access on the move at many of the campgrounds 


Access all e-mail accounts away from home- Free access once every 7 days - or join for unlimited:


Roaming servers-only some are Free: also has online L-D phone 

service capabilities) 




Free e-mail address: 




Computers will travel:


Snail-mail forwarding:

 Mail Boxes Etc in Cda is now called UPS Store,



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'Ask Jeeves for kids' a Question: 


Search by age groups, browse by subject:    


Help in reading, math, language arts, science, social studies for those under 10: 






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