Thoughts on these fantastic directories - great publication 

by Peggi and John

These Directories should be a 'must have' in every RV. Traversing steep Mountain Passes can be a very intimidating experience.

RVers expecting to traverse mountain passes anywhere in the USA will find the Mountain Directory East and/or Mountain Directory West one of the most valuable publication anywhere.

It is too late to discover what is ahead when you are almost stopped on the way up or even worse when you are speeding out of control down the other side

Author Richard Miller provides updated valuable info to ensure comfortable Peace of mind getaways. Detailed descriptions of all elevated locations at over 400 passes and steep grades in the western book and 300 plus in the eastern USA plus coloured maps make this an easy to read publication.   

He includes grade levels - what to expect on the way up - on the way down - around the next bend - and several miles down the road - what curves are ahead - posted speeds - runaway ramp locations - summit elevation - length of the grade both up and down plus additional cautionary points drivers of large vehicles should be aware of - especially for the RV co-pilot who has no control of the wheel.


by Richard Miller.

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