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RV Living in the 

        21st Century

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Inexpensive Accessories

That Compliment The RV Lifestyle




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Plus info about. satellite systems; gray and black tank use,

 Fantastic Vents, washer-dryers and more.


Several inexpensive accessories can make life on the road seem more like home.

    • A Bar-B-Que for the patio or an electric grill/frying pan that can be used inside or out (in good weather).

    • Portable fans, either clip-on or table style. If you do not have an inverter, look for models that are wired for 12-volt outlets and for regular 110 connections.

    • Having a CB on board is a must. If your unit includes a weather radio, it will be a very valuable investment.

    • RVers using one of the compact dual or tri-band (analogue/digital) cell phones will discover that an exterior antenna may be all that is needed to boost reception/service in areas where RVers travel.

    • No matter how large your RV Fridge is there never seems to be enough space for all that needs care. Many RVers make space to add a small portable fridge in a storage pod to hold the pop, beer and incidental things not being used at the moment.  For day to day living this extra space is not a big deal but if you enjoy entertaining, life is easier when you have a place to keep things cool.

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Accessories that make life easier for extended getaways include -


    • A satellite dish provides many hours of TV enjoyment.  Dish and Direct are the two most popular systems in the USA.  Depending where you home address is located, some areas make it difficult to access the networks because of a conflict with cable companies.  Because we are Canadian we decided to switch to Express Vu. This way we receive Canadian programming intertwined with American network stations from across the USA now matter where we travel.  Star Choice is the other Cdn satellite service. It has a larger coverage area. 

           On our RV WebLink page there are two websites under Satellites and Cyberspace  that list co-ordinates to program Cdn service.  Dish and Direct satellites can be programmed by finding the ZIP code for cities directly south of where you are located from locations of RV parks in large campground directories. 

NOTE:  You do not have to be connected to a phone line.  Simply provide the satellite service 


with a contact phone number.

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    • Fantastic Vents are 12-Volt fans installed in place of your roof vents are a real boon. They work when you are not connected to power.  The models equipped with a rain sensor can be left on when you leave your unit - especially helpful if you want to leave pets in your unit when you are away.

    • If you have space available in your unit and your adventure frequently last for several months or longer you may want to look into adding a combo washer-dryer unit. It is the most valued accessory in our RV, however it runs a close second to our satellite dish.


          The above suggestions are only a few thoughts to get you going.  Ask everyone you come in contact with for their ideas on how they fill their days while on their adventures.


Additional Reminders for those new to RVing -

Additional routine situations that I long forgot also surfaced recently as our new neighbours learn the ropes.  While Jim was away for a week, Joan was faced to deal with a very slow leak in her bathroom plumbing. John and I only diagnose problems; we then find solutions to deal with the situation until RV tech help arrives. We don’t repair plumbing and electric problems.  However we did share info as to how she should fill and use the fresh water holding tank for cooking and showers. If she turned off the pump between uses, the leak would be under control until Jim returned. 


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      Another routine lesson on the RV learning curve that these Newbies understood early on was they could open their gray tank while parked. Of course always keeping the black closed until it reaches ½ to ¾ full is a must. This way the simple volume of the contents provides a clean flush. We also suggested that the night before they left for a trip they should close the gray, have their showers and then in the morning dump the black followed with the gray.

     When our Newbie neighbours left for a two-week getaway, they had flushed and cleaned the tanks and stowed the sewer hose for travel. What brought a smile to my face was when my newfound friend Joan asked if she could use my potty as they were ready to depart. I agreed and they took off.  Just for info, even after you flush your tanks, you can use your potty right away and en route as well.  It will never be completely clean and if you use a bacterial enzyme solution in your tanks it will control odours and break up waste ‘till it is ready to drain again. Try to avoid adding holding tank chemicals that contain formaldehyde or ammonia ingredients.  Although these chemicals do keep smells in control, they work against breaking up of bacteria in the campground septic systems.  Clean, flush, and treat your tanks with a safe solution. Get out and have fun as you travel in your self-contained RV.  RV Living - the Freedom adventure.

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            Special Tip: RVers who rent several months in a park will benefit from seasonal rates much lower then the monthly rate. However seasonal residents are frequently expected to pay for their metered power as well as keep the grass cut on their site (the parks usually provide gas lawn mowers for use by the residents). Seasonal residents may and may not be provided picnic tables either - many parks only provide tables overnighters.

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