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Seminar Handouts FMCA 2011 - RV Travel To Canada  FEB 2011

Seminar Handouts FMCA 2011 - RV Packing Tips  FEB 2011

Travel Tips For RV Families & Enthusiast  FEB 2011

How do Snowbirds Call Home From The USA ?  SEP 2010

I use a USA Verizon Cell  plan! and I LOVE IT!!!

Membership  Camping  New Summer 2010

Our season of Camping In The Winter in Ontario Cda.  NOV 98-MAR 99

Fulltime Budget & Maintenance costs ? Story Here 2009

Where do all Fulltimers Go?  Story Here 2010 

Out of Prov/Country Regs,  Provincial Medical & Cdn  Residency  NOV 09    








UNDER  Informative Articles   

  Columns That Highlight BOTH 'RV Life Lessons. RV Lifestyle,  and RV Travel 



*** Fulltime Travel Basics Part One  (NEW Spring 2012)

*** Fulltime Travel Part Two (NEW Spring 2012)

*** Add Sleek & Stylish 'LED Lights' to motorbikes and more  (NEW Spring 2012)

*** Is an RV Dishwasher in your future? Read all about it.           

*** Numerous RV Living Forum Questions & Answers              

*** Inexpensive Accessories to  Compliment the RV Lifestyle                       

*** Living with 30 Amps                    *** Toys Toys Toys                              

*** Five Star RVing                            *** Be Content in Small Spaces        

*** Enhancing your RV Getaway      *** Necessities or just Nice to Have 

*** Lets Organize--Packing Tips    *** Kids Love the RV Life Too!          

*** Give your RV a  Face-Lift            *** Bigitis -The urge to trade-up      

*** Newbies Ask  --What do I do now? -  (includes set-up procedures)          

*** Great Telephone Interview with the Edmonton Sun  






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   RV Education 101 offers a wide selection of E-BOOKS, and RV Videos /DVD's. MANY NEW publications added often!!! 


   Mark's comprehensive PRINT book is also available as an E-Book -  Some in e-Reader format. These are a MUST HAVE  for every RVer. Read More  


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Pictures of Our Luxurious LUXOR Motorhome  by Winnebago 

       Our MH renovation story/photo-Space of a Slide from Inside

       When she was ready for sale - Many show condition Pics

       The end result of our Shimmering Coach after detailing (2002)



Click Here for PHOTOS 2003-2006 taken during our LIFE ON THE MOVE  - SCROLL THROUGH THE GALLERIES to  find THE EVENT you want to view!   


Complex PICASA Photo ALBUMS from Feb 2007 to 2012

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U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory-CD-Rom - includes monthly updates

Guide to Buying a Used RV (A  must if buying a USED RV) The RV Book  (RV Terminology, components, weights,  towing, safety & more)

Malia's RV Check List - ( 'WHAT-TO-DO' in every Situation) 

Recipes from the Road  (Stovetop creations!--Travel Adventures!) & 

Let's Get Grillin' w/Cooking Ladies - HOME HARDWARE  (Canada)

Live Your Road Trip Dream  (Travel for a year for cost of staying home)

Along I-75 & Along Florida's Expressways - (Bland trip become an adventure) 









Our Beginnings


RV Living.Net  came to life as a Christmas gift from our good friend and my Partner Diane Batten in February 2000. At that time the Internet was still in it's infancy for many of us. I knew so little  Heck John and I didn't even have an email address in the beginning... 



          We only realized the value of this form of sharing and communications when my first best-seller Spirit of the Open Road was in peak promotion. Thanks to this wonderful source of communication and Diane's creativity our website and book sales flourished.  READ MORE




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Do you have your copy???


   RV Living in the 21st Century...

The Essential Reference Guide for ALL RVers


 The CONTENT is based on numerous years of our Fulltiming Experience  

Published 2004 but basics haven't changed


Click here for details plus READ my  great book reviews

Where to Buy and More 


This publication overflows with information 

It will soon become your BEST FRIEND... 

"Peggi provides the answers before you thought of the question"



































Peggi's Books  

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Seminar Handout for FMCA 2011 



  RV Travel to Canada Seminar Handouts 2011

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Book Review has been posted - Aug 2010


Details of each Book/E-Book  Click link beside cover.  




   READ Outstanding Book Reviews of 

RV Living in the 21st Century Click here







   This book relays timeless info and changes since 9/11. Besides being a great story Peggi addresses numerous topics for 

Seasoned RVers as well as those new to this lifestyle... 



How to Buy RV's; to Set-up; to Drive; to Find a Campground; to Drycamp; to Connect the Sewer; to Winterize; to Finding Maintenance.


How to Stretch Dollars; to Get Mail; to Connect to the 'Net; with Cell Phones, ISP's, etc; to expected Costs; & so much more.


    As Cdn Snowbirds who winter in the south, Peggi understands and writes about regulations on both sides of the border. 

Every RVer will gain so much from this book.







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Wayfarer RV Insurance is Absolutely... 

The best deal for  Canadians. 



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is a Prestige Cdn RV Magazine 

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Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;  Book Nook; 

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