00                                             Do you have your copy of this outstanding book!!!   RV Living in the 21st Century 

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Web www.rvliving.net





  PJ-Feb-05.jpg (65777 bytes)  

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John & I - taken Feb '05 in our 20th - year

of  Fulltiming at Crystal River, Florida!

As of Jan 2012 we are into year 27... WOW


Peggi McDonald

RV Lifestyle Consultant

Now I'm enjoying RETIREMENT PHASE 2 on my own

After 27 idyllic years of travel on the road,


Contact Me with any questions   

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GoodBye My Love  - 21st July 2012  " You were One Of A Kind."  &


Yes "It Is Clearing Up Ahead"



John_with_Medals_-_Luxor_2011.jpg (74648 bytes)If I can't have you with me in person, thanks for being my personal Guardian Angel!. My life is still empty without you beside me,

With your support, 21  OCT 13 "I SOLD THE LUXOR!" Thanks for standing beside me during the sale process.

Read Full Story of John's rapid demise on P&J's Weekly Diary at www.rvliving.net/forum June 9th -July 28th 2012

"I will always Love You ! John"




Take a look at Peggi's E-Books

Click covers to enlarge              Click titles for Details 

   RV_Tr_to_Cda_2009_cover_-_2_small.jpg (19157 bytes)#1               Packin1.jpg (14831 bytes) #2

            #1 RV Travel to Canada   

            RV Travel to Canada Seminar Handouts 2011

           #2 RV Packing Tips, RV Life Lessons and Easy Living Hints           


                           Seminar Handout for FMCA 2011              




 Fulltime rvers


From the water and the sky to solid ground - John retired from the Navy; Peggi from the Air Force - now they're "hugging the highway"


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Our Lifestyle---

Welcome to our other home of RV LIVING (our first home is in our RV). This website is for those who enjoy the RV camping lifestyle or for those dreaming about the day when they, too, will be able to head out onto the open road. So, it really doesn't matter if you're a Newbie or a 30 year RV veteran, this site is for you.


***21-years ago, after we both retired from the Canadian Armed Forces, we moved into our first RV (new to us the year before). Our plans were to follow the open road for two years. We knew absolutely nothing about RVing - we weren't even sure what a motorhome was - all we knew is that it looked interesting and it was what we wanted to do!


Over the years we made some wonderful new friends, saw sights we never thought possible and savoured the freedom of being able to go where we wanted and when we wanted.


Our Kastle #3 and latest R GO 4

car In Front MH.jpg (18652 bytes)

click to enlarge photo



We are now enjoying our Kruisin' Kastle #3. Since its purchase in April of '99, we have travelled from British Columbia to PEI and south of the Canadian border to Sun Country from Florida to California and beyond.  


During 2000, we added a beautiful mural on that big empty back space of our motorhome.  We now have part of the Canadian west with us no matter where we roam!     

MURAL Photo was taken from the windshield as we travelled along the picturesque Highway 11 between Rocky Mountain House AB 

and the Crossroads AB --- 

midway point between Banff and Jasper


mural1.jpg (162490 bytes)

Click on print to enlarge

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The artwork was done by computer-enhancing a photo and then transferring it to a special 3M application. The process was performed by  Heritage Art Ltd., 1-800-323-2865. or log onto www.heritageartltd.com for info.


Since the summer of 2002 our LUXOR now sports a brand new interior design--- see The Space of a Slide from the Inside for details




Put your head on my shoulders... "Forget the shoulders, mom," says Katie. "I need a body pillow!" (Katie with mom, Maddie).


click on print to enlarge


Just like the two of us, our very loveable four-footed "pet-kids", Maddie and her canine daughter Katie, look forward to our day excursions touring in "R GO 4" four-wheels down tow behind car.



We've had a great time (and look forward to many more years of the same!) but we have to tell you, RVing isn't always carefree - especially in the beginning. I think that we must have made every mistake possible from trusting another camper when he said it was okay to dump grey water on the ground (it might have been alright, but we pulled the black water lever instead!!) to broadcasting our dreams and plans to everyone we met (and being "rewarded" with all of our RV contents being stolen when we were away).


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Fortunately, we had some marvelous campground neighbours when we first started out. They answered our never-ending questions and boosted our spirits during our frustrating learning curve. These days we try to be like those helpful neighbours and share the ins and outs, the good and the not so good of this fantastic lifestyle with RVers we meet.


So welcome to RVing 101 - sit back, relax. RV Living is the Freedom Lifestyle.




For more than a decade John and I have been helping others begin their on-the-road adventure. Along with our publishing credits, we continue to host seminars for various RV dealer open houses, RV trade shows and RV schools plus at many club rallies for small groups of 10 to large crowds of 500 and more (at FMCA National Conventions.



Our entire family loves the RV Lifestyle

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We work on the move---

Keeping up with our website and the vast amount of information on the 'Net is sometimes a challenge; but staying on top of the changes in the fast changing technology is exciting. Working from our rolling home has taken on a whole new meaning.

These days even when we're far from our home base, we stay in touch with our readers (and editors) by hooking up our laptop to a modem or a cell phone to send articles and photos via e-mail.

Internet is still iffy in some campgrounds but free areas are available at places like McDonalds and Public Libraries





Our Beginnings   tSory began on our home page)


RV Living.Net  came to life as a Christmas gift from our good friend Diane Batten in February 2000. At that time the Internet was still in it's infancy for many of us.  Heck John and I didn't even have an email address in the beginning... 


          We only realized the value of this form of sharing and communications when my first best-seller Spirit of the Open Road was in peak promotion. Thanks to this wonderful source of communication and Diane's creativity our website and book sales flourished.  


Below Continued from Home.htm 



       She somehow found time in her busy life as a mother of a pre-teen and an editor of a major RV magazine - Canada's RV gazette, to also be a full time webmaster.  I tried to learn the ropes but even by taking a recognized course I was mainly in the dark when it came to posting changes in web design.

        In 2002, when Diane began a two year fight with cancer she could no longer handle maintaining the website. I had no choice but to learn by the seat of my pants.  It was a challenge but since Di originally designed the page without formal training I figured I could find a way to carry on.  I had one ace in the whole that Di didn't have - a mentor by the name of Les Doll - webhost of www.rverscorner.com  His website had been successful since 1998. He was ahead of the pack and through the Internet he has since became a very good friend.

        To make a long story short with Les's help and a very understanding website hosting staff plus anyone else I could find to talk to along the way. RVLiving.net flourished to become a main source of information for numerous RVers. Right from the beginning, Diane, John and I followed the principal that we each learn from others and sharing ideas was the only way to go. The amount of information on the following pages is simply overwhelming and it's a result of your amazing vision Diane and information shared by many site visitors.  We all learn by taking  these ideas and building on them with your own experiences.


      This good friend lost her battle to this dreaded disease in June of 2004 - I dedicate the success of this site to you Di.  We love you and miss you so much, I know you will keep me on the right track from above Di.  John and I "Thank you Diane" from the bottom of our heart for giving us the creative kick start.


                  Peggi and John


RV Lifestyle Consultants


Our Credits---

Stories of our travels destinations and 'how-to' columns along with numerous tips have appeared in many publications such as



RV gazette  ***  RV times

Family Motor Coaching  *** Todays RVs ***  RV Lifestyles  ***  Canada News  ***   Today's Seniors  ***  Local Newspapers   ***   plus numerous others...

     We have appeared as regular columnists and guest freelance writers in most of the major North American RV magazines and publications.



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         We have been featured in so many wonderful articles over the years but I highlight a few special ones below.

In the February, 2000 issue of Money Sense magazine (a McLean-Hunter publication), an in-depth article profiling our RV lifestyle was featured. The article (Forget The House, Get Me A Life) was written by Kristy Thorne (recipient of the Catherine Keachie Magazine Journalism Scholarship). 



      In July 2001, Lauren Klein of the English version of the International Herald Tribune. published in New York, but based in Paris, France gathered information by an extensive telephone interview for a full length feature covering our lifestyle.  When this popular paper hit the newsstands we received e-mail from around the world including Bangkok and Denmark and other distant locations. 


       Being the "interviewee" for a magazine article, instead of the interviewer, was a novel experience and has added another dimension to our overall experience.


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         Summer of 1999, John and I planned, organized and hosted two Safety Clinics and four Rallies across Canada for the Explorer RV Club.  As Rally Hosts we met so many wonderful RVers just wanting to get out and have a good time in their RV.  That summer was a major highlight of our Consultant career. 


       These days we attend rallies hosted by many RV clubs and associated chapters. We simply love to share our experiences, in the form of seminars, volunteer for game and craft coordinators, work as greeters or any other task that comes our way. Being part of the action is much more fun than just being an attendee


       Belonging to various RV clubs and organizations has enhanced our RVing experience as well as given us a solid base as RV LIFESTYLE CONSULTANTS.


       Over the years we have also worked as Ambassadors for the Explorer RV Club and Campers Club of America (now no longer in existence).


        We continue to be very active members in RV clubs as well as in several chapters of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association). We have been long time members of  the 100%ers,  the Fulltimers, and the Ontario Overlanders chapters plus we attend as many rallies and conventions as we can fit in. Recently we joined the Freightliner Chassis Owners chapter (FCOC) of FMCA.


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Filming during a Live At Five photo shoot in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


(Mouse-over of this photo reveals a second one 

of me conducting one of my many seminars. This one at the annual OUC RV Owner's Lifestyle Seminar School in Kelowna, British Columbia).


Click link here for details on the Seminar School mentioned above


Early in our travels we hosted the original 13 episodes of the television series, RV Vacation Adventure (now Distant Roads). Over the years we've had the pleasure of again, sharing the small screen with appearances on TVO's More To Life with host, Maureen Taylor,  Canada AM, ATV Breakfast Television (Halifax, NS), City TV Breakfast Television (Toronto, ON) and ATV Live At Five (Halifax, NS). We also participated as guest hosts to an across Canada listener call-in program on CBC Talk Radio (Halifax, NS).


In more recent years we have been featured on NUMEROUS radio interviews and the latest TV shoot was 'Things That Move'  a Canadian Documentary show summer 2006.

         A PRWeb release on RV Living in the 21st Century was extremely well received September 2006 as well




Writing articles (when we're on the road) is a snap with a laptop, modem, printer and all the up-to-date equipment found in a standard office...


just like the one  in our motorhome















Our dealer converted the free-standing table in our (Kruisin Kastle #3)  Winnebago Luxor into a very efficient computer work station - complete with a printer, scanner and modem connection.  With the world virtually at our fingertips, we're ready to RV into this exciting new century.


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Freelance Writing---


      To add extra interest to your RVing event or if you are interested in our freelance writing service, please send an e-mail to rvlifestyleconsultants (business enquiries only, thank you).  We would enjoy hearing from you!  




Our first book, 

Spirit of the Open Road, 

now has sequel

RV Living in the 21st Century

  21st_Century_Bk_Cover.jpg (170816 bytes) click to enlarge

click for details and order info





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Read P&J's periodic RV Diary for my Retrement Phase2 adventures.


Questions? Tips and hints to share?  I value your comments. Feel free to share your thoughts or to ask a Q by sending me an email to webmaster@rvliving.net




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