The latest credit to 21st Century is from Gail Ball November 2010...


I received this wonderful book review last week that I wanted to share with everyone. This just proves that although my book was published in 2004 the contents are not outdated - there is just nothing new since 2004. For that you have to go to my website. Thanks Gail for your kind words. P&J   


My husband and I just bought a 2011 Jayco Melbourne motorhome at the Toronto Fall RV show. I also bought the book RV Living in the 21st Century and as a newbie to RVing, I have to say this book was absolutley amazing and covered so much! I had a hard time putting the book down. Way to go Peggy, you did an amazing job and have certainly helped us out. I hope that 1 day we can hook up at some park whether Ontario or the US. We would love to meet you and John. Have a great winter in Texas and hopefully you can adjust to the smaller park ! 

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This one is from soon-to-be-Fulltimer Vickie Medley of August 2010

More Special Reviews Mike Brown from Edmonton Sun, CANADA - Great Article P&J  Spring 2005



NOTE FROM PEGGI - The above are only a very few special reviews I want to share.  

 "RV Living in the 21st Century addresses concerns of those visiting North America,  

American RVers as well as Canadians ". 

"Go Buy It NOW - Yes right now!"

by Vickey Medley

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RV Living in the 21st Century by Peggi McDonald is the very first book on RVing

 that I found.  I will forever be eternally grateful to her for writing this book. 


This book spelled out everything that I was seeking at the time, covering an RV from top to bottom and, the in between spaces, had so much information that I felt I could just step into an RV and go!  Well, almost.  The most important thing that she conveyed in her book was the warmth, love and friendship that could be found in the RV community.  I was sold on the lifestyle before I read the book and RV Living in the 21st Century sealed the deal for me.

Peggi and her husband, John, now talk about hanging up their keys in a few years.  I’m silently yelling at the universe, “Nooooo…don’t let them do this yet.  I haven’t met them in person.  I have so many questions I want to ask.”  One of the views of life that Peggi quotes in her blog is, “Live Life Looking Through the Windshield…NOT the Rearview Mirror!”  I love that attitude and it sums up life and this book.  Go buy it now.  Yes, right now!

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Submitted By Vickie Medley

Special review from 

                  Peggi McDonald’s RV Living in the 21st Century is a must for ALL RVers.


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One of many Cruiser Dances at Alamo - 2009-2010



 NOTE FROM PEGGI "RV Living in the 21st Century also addresses concerns of American RVers as well".