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Travel Tips for RV Enthusiasts


Recreational Vehicles or RVs are a great way to enjoy and wander around on a budget.  RVs  (motor homes and travel trailers) are popular among every age group, from young to old. Travelling by RV can be adventurous and exciting and it also allows you to spend valuable time with your family within a comfortable surrounding much like home.

According to research, travelling by RVs is very economical and affordable, especially for families of more than four people. RVers have no need to arrange for separate accommodation and/or lodging during their travels. This is not the case if you are travelling by car.

Below are a few tips to help you reap more enjoyment to your RV Adventure.

Plan your Travel Destinations

 With an RV you will be able to frequently change destinations and go anywhere you like. Planning well in advance  as to where you would like to go; the route you will be taking and the stops you will be making on the way. Be sure you carry the road maps and a GPS system designed for large vehicles with you. Peruse several travel guides before you start your vacation.

What to take with you   

Prepare a check list of the items you will need for a fun trip. 

  • Pak day to day essentials...

  • Favourite food items...

  • Entertainment items...

  • Pack your favourite CDs and DVDs...

  • Some lawn chairs...

  • And picnic gear. So you can stop to enjoy the countryside along the way...

  • A complete first aid kit in case of an accident or emergency...

Additional important items.

  •  A flash light with extra batteries...
  • Your mobile phone and camera along with their chargers...
  •  Paper, pen, games etc... 
  • Your local Tourist Centre may offer other suggestions of what you might need - depending on the place(s) you will be travelling to. 
  • Most important - leave a copy of your itinerary and your contact information with someone back home such as a trusted neighbour, friend or family so they can contact you in case of an emergency.

RV tips for travelling with kids and pets.

  •  Ensure they have sufficient space to enjoy the trip. 
  • Take regular stops en route so everyone can roam and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Your kids and/or pet(s) will not feel confined in a small space during the journey.
  • Verify your destinations is family and pet friendly.

RV WebLinks  Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   Getting Started;  Articles;  Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA);      Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;

 Book Nook;  (As of Oct 10) RV Shows;   Travel to Canada:  Travel to USA; (Oct 10);  

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    Tips to enjoy aN RV Road Trip with your Family


Travelling via a roadtrip with your family, especially kids, can be a tiring task for most parents. It becomes even more difficult if you have 3 or 4 kids. Each kid needs his or her own sleeping patterns and eating preferences. Occasional whining which kids do all the time may deter family travel.  Although staying home is not a good option.

Maybe it is time to reconsider taking a family style RV Trip. 

Tips listed below should add enjoyment to the excursion


  • Kids need to learn new things...
  • One way is if they travel with you, to meet new people, visit relatives and explore new places.
  • Plan your trip well in advance  
  • When you are travelling with kids, you need to plan your destinations and check local attractions - are they of interest to your kids?
  • Look for kid friendly parks, historic places and monuments, play parks and even zoos. 
  • Involve all members of the family - ask everyone where they would like to go to.
  • Book for a place to stay in advance During peak times accommodations fill up fast.
  • Travelling by RV you will each have a place to settle in for the night. Sleeping arrangements and dining on board enhance most RV getaways. 
  • Families should have a selection of games, puzzles, colouring books, toys and activities for those non touring downtimes. Kids need to be kept busy.
  • Why not allow your kids to pack their own backpacks so they will pick their most favourite things. For teenagers and grown up kids, a portable DVD player, camera and maybe a computer can be helpful. For babies and toddlers, ensure to include baby wipes and diapers.
  • Everyone needs a selection of clothes and personal items - Set up a 3-drawer plastic storage unit for each kid..
  • Pack healthy easy access foods Ready to make snacks are a good option especially when on the move. 
  • Nuts, energy bars and water bottles enhance easy to carry treats.
  • Plan your trip with driving during daytime hours. 
  • If kids are old enough ask them to help planning the trip and input to the journey.
  • Make frequent stops to enjoy local surroundings.
  • Even in an RV, limit driving days from five to seven hours per day.
  • Take a break every few hours to stretch your legs .

 Enjoy your getaway


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