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RV Living in the 

21st Century 

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Sleek and Stylish LED Lighting by Robert. Lobitz



You have likely seen them glowing past on the highway, or speeding along in your favorite chase movie. These glowing machines have become a part of our culture as a symbol of cool. LED lights have long now been the stylish way to enhance your vehicle, giving it an unearthly glow that adds a sleek look to an already beautiful machine. LEDs have also quickly become the hottest thing in lighting, with advancement in manufacturing processes giving the consumer at last the ability to afford these superior lights. They are unique in that they do not have a filament and so they can have a solid construction, making them highly durable. This, combined with the fact that they are extremely energy efficient and can come in a vast array of colors, these lights have added something extraordinary to the industry. Not only are they affecting the way auto lighting is done, but they can now be found replacing household lights and nearly any other style of bulb you can imagine.

When it comes to the automobile industry it was only a matter of time before LED lighting would find its way to the motorcycle. Already a marvelous machine, the addition of these lights give a motorcycle an edge that could otherwise not be achieved.

Just as the price as a whole has dramatically dropped, so too has LED lighting kits. These can come in a broad variety of colors and styles that use flexible tubing, wide angle lighting strips, and single LED pods. Your motorcycle can have a uniquely personal style and installation is simple and affordable.

Not only does the LED add to style, there are many additions that can be done giving you needed protection against not being noticed. There are special flashing LED brake lights that are designed to flash at quick and bright intervals ensuring that you will be seen by other traffic.

LED technology is breaking new ground not simply with creativity, but also usability, and as costs continue to drop we are likely to see exciting new advancements and products.







RV WebLinks  Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   Getting Started;  Articles;  Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA);      Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;  Book Nook; 

 (As of Oct 10) RV Shows;   Travel to Canada:  Travel to USA; (Oct 10);  

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