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Our Luxurious LUXOR



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        Traders_Mural_view_75dpi.jpg (62065 bytes)  Luxor_passenger_side_from_rear_75_dpi.jpg (45200 bytes)  Traders_Luxor_Front-Side_view__75dpi.jpg (41263 bytes)     

 One look and her elegance shines through!

          Luxor - Front-side-image.jpg (41304 bytes)   luxor - drivers-side.jpg (32962 bytes)  Luxor - CarAndMH-SpLk.jpg (55377 bytes)   front drivers side.jpg (42551 bytes)

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coach_-real_shine.jpg (16275 bytes)      coach-John_doing_the_tires.jpg (18929 bytes)      Luxor - StainedGlassInDoor.jpg (39173 bytes)    

Shimmering skin                Shiny tires,               Stain-glass in door



TX-painted dish finished.jpg (21731 bytes)     mural1.jpg (162490 bytes)    luxor - Dash.jpg (56261 bytes)    

          Painted Dish                         Classy Mural               Air-brush painted dash       


Luxor-DriverTableSetup.jpg (59257 bytes)    Luxor-DriverTasble.jpg (56077 bytes)     

Steering Wheel cover adds a homey touch

Story on "Space of a Slide From The Inside" RV Renovations click here

 Luxor-Livingroom-drapesopen.jpg (62164 bytes)   Luxor - LivingRoomDrapesClosed.jpg (48811 bytes)   Finished---Office-Livingroom.jpg (53880 bytes)  

Spacious living room Renovations   Drapes open and closed and my computer station

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Luxor-DriversSideLR-frontView.jpg (56365 bytes)  Luxor-driversSideLivingroom.jpg (60851 bytes)    Luxor-passengerSide-door.jpg (64796 bytes)  Luxor-valences.jpg (30792 bytes)


John's Work Station            close up shots from all directions           Valences


DSCN5010 (540x480).jpg (96249 bytes)

  Patio Stone Floor tiles enhance KITCHEN  appearance 

Added Feb 2006


DSCN6458.JPG (1587591 bytes) to THIS DSCN6474.JPG (1579631 bytes)

Our Incredible 10.1 mm laminate Complete with underlay pad in Bedroom

by Randy - Added September 2006

More pictures at Page 11, Sep-October events

The Cherry (wine) colour co-ordinates with our wine rug under the Chairs


Luxor - PeggiOutdoorEntCenter.jpg (25597 bytes)   Luxor - JohnOutdoorEntCenter.jpg (46403 bytes)   Luxor - PeggiRelaxingOutside.jpg (39346 bytes)

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'Happy Hour' in style by the outdoor entertainment center

       luxor - DiningForTwo.jpg (36813 bytes)    luxor-dining in style for 4-75 dpi.jpg (32052 bytes)        

Luxurious Dining for Two or Four 

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Luxor - KitchenOfficeChinaCabinet.jpg (27084 bytes)    Luxor - SpaciousKitchen.jpg (25563 bytes)    

Kitchen/office layout


 Luxor-original-dinette-kitchen.jpg (48835 bytes)     Luxor-office_open.jpg (44175 bytes)     Luxor-ClosedOffice.jpg (42175 bytes) 

My wonderful office provides such convenience

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     Luxor - washer-dryer.jpg (45178 bytes)     Luxor Bathroom 75 dpi.jpg (47450 bytes)    

Washer/Dryer   Spacious Bathroom

 Luxor_Bedroom_-_75_dpi.jpg (57977 bytes) New_Bedroom.jpg (75845 bytes) DSCN5006 (640x480).jpg (91679 bytes)

                      Classy Bedroom  (Original & upgrade 2004 & 2006)

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  xmasfront04.jpg (22398 bytes)   Xmas_Awning04.jpg (19161 bytes)   lightedCoach-post.jpg (11854 bytes)  Christmas lights 2004.jpg (13589 bytes)

Decked out inside and out in her Christmas finery  DECEMBER 2004


Christmas Tree 2004.jpg (12286 bytes)  Christmas_Patio04.jpg (20220 bytes)  livingroom_decor.jpg (20521 bytes)  fridge.jpg (13405 bytes)

Christmas 2005

DSCN4526-SM.jpg (145007 bytes)   DSCN4668-sm.jpg (163115 bytes)  DSCN4671-sm.jpg (129187 bytes)

Christmas 2005

   Our  Luxurious '95 Winnebago LUXOR 


Traders_Luxor_Front-Side_view__75dpi.jpg (41263 bytes)

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