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Another Great Story for kid Travel -

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   "On the Road Again…



A Trip Just For 12-year old Me!    

                  by Kayla Frivalt     Click Here




   Our 14 year old Nephew 'AJ' sent us this report July 2006.

I just had to share!!!

(He is 14 and went on this trip with his scout troop, Troop 408, in Roselle. 

"No one in my family went with me on this trip"



Hi Peggi and John,
                This is AJ writing and hope you are having a great time in your RV. I just got back from a weeklong scout trip last week and I though that you might want to hear about it. 

               We drive down to Jadwin, Missouri and rented canoes for three days and canoed down The Current River. I have to admit it was a most beautiful river I have ever seen. Every night we just picked a good stop to stop and we camped out. After the canoeing we drove up to Shelbyville, IL, (close by Effingham) and camped out at Lithia Springs camp ground which is on Lake Shelbyville. 

                  We rented a pontoon boat for two days and we then relaxed and swam all day. One of the Dads even brought their fishing boat and we went fishing. I would have to say that this trip was very relaxing, I mean we barely paddled and we got about 18 miles done every day. 

                 So I hope your having a great time and you get good weather.

From, AJ


"John and I are very proud of these your travellers  Thanks for sharing AJ"



Photo notes by

 Peggi & John



KelownaFlowerGardens.jpg (41917 bytes)











Kayla is our 

12 year old niece from Arnprior (near Ottawa), Ontario and 

this is the 

story of our interesting adventure as she saw it.









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KelownaOgopogo.jpg (42607 bytes)


My 'RV Trip of a Lifetime '

from Kelowna, BC to my home in Ontario

Summer of 2002

 My trip of a life time all started when I said to my mom one of these summers I would really like to travel with Aunti Peggi and Uncle John. So my mom said I will e-mail them and ask if it is at all possible to travel with them in their MotorHome for the summer or for a week or so.

When Aunt Peggi said they would love having me stay with them, I was thrilled I would be travelling with them. The arrangement was I would fly out to Kelowna, B.C.  by myself in an airplane.  I was very nervous and I wanted to change my answer about  going, but it was too late, my mom had already bought the plane ticket. But I was glad there was nothing I could do, I didn't want to stay home for the summer.  I would be gone for two weeks so I needed to pack a lot of stuff, but Peggi said I had to travel light because space was limited. 

Before I knew it I was at the Ottawa Ontario airport waiting for my plane to arrive so I could board to start my travel half way across Canada. My mom started to cry which made me cry and then I couldn't stop because I knew I wasn't going to see her again for another two weeks. 

I had to do touch down in Hamilton, Winnipeg and Calgary. In Calgary I switched planes for one going to Kelowna.  I waited for them to call flight 15 destination Kelowna and Vancouver but they never called; I was getting a little worried so I called my mom and who suggested I go to the desk to ask about my plane ride. They said it has been delayed 45min that time was in addition to the original 1 hour wait.  I read a book did some crossword puzzles and got a bit to eat. Then I found some one that was on my plane before going to the same destination as me, so I sat with him and we talk until we were called to get on the plane. I arrived safe and sound in Kelowna where my aunt and uncle were happily waiting for me. I knew I was going to have a great time and have so much fun with them and all there friends we were to visit. 

The first night was the best, we traveled to city centre to eat supper in a restaurant overlooking Lake Okanogan--there was a band playing right out side in the park. After supper we walked around some more along many streets  in downtown Kelowna. We only stayed in Kelowna for one night then it was on the road first thing each and every morning, since there were , 2600 miles to be covered from British Columbia to Ontario with many sight seeing stops along the way and we only had two weeks. 

If I were to tell you about every single day you would be reading for hours on end. Some of the sites I enjoyed in B. C was  the walk along the water front in Kelowna, and the Canyon Hot Springs in Revelstoke. Their regular therapeutic pool was 89oF and the large hot tube was over 100 degrees. While sitting in the pools we looked up huge snow covered mountains surrounding us. On our route east we saw many magnificent mountains but the mountains in BC were the best. 

We took a side trip to Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta.  I figured you can't go this far and not go to Banff.  The weather was cloudy and rainy so it wasn't as beautiful as it could have been.  Lake Louise was still green and very breathtaking even with all the clouds.  Banff was a very cute town with lots of stores.  My sister would love to come here to ski--- maybe someday. So then onto Calgary for our first stop, one of Peggi's friends called Wanda from the military lived there and we went to her house for dinner. That was exciting because she had travelled a lot and each room was decorated in a different theme. Her walls were covered with souvenirs from around the world.

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The next day was packed full, we woke early so the 4 of us could visit a Ghost Town en route to Edmonton where Wanda and I were suppose to go horseback riding but since the horses could only be ridden on the on the weekends we continued to the West Edmonton Mall. It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in the hole wide world. Peggi was able to get tickets for many of the attractions. When we first walked in we came to a huge skating rink and just around the corner there was a dolphin show with two talented dolphins. Next we took the submarine ride on a ship right beside the dolphins. There was an onsite hotel and a GalaxyLand theme park and a wave pool with a bungee jumping into the water and much more. It was so amazing and so large I want to go back there again next year with my family just to shop--- with a little time to play. The next day Peggi and I went to the zoo just for a girls morning out. We got lost going there but it was a very interesting zoo with up close animals---many with young babies.  Just for info since we left all maps at home we also got lost coming back. John stayed behind to do maintenance on the coach and to relax for the long driving days still ahead. 

After a quick lunch we pulled out again, to another friends house in Cluney, Alberta. Marcie is a very crafty lady who enters many creations into the fair every year. She taught me to make a neat 'flower pen'. It looks like a flower on a stem but it is actually a pen. Then her two grandkids came over, Her daughter and I went to the park with the kids. Next day John, Peggi and I headed to the Dinosaur Provincial Park to drive through the bad lands; they were really  interesting.  We continued onto the Tyrell Museum of Dinosaurs in nearby Drumheller; it is loaded with giant prehistoric skeletons.

Then the next day it was off to Regina for Canada Day. Unfortunately we never got to see the fire works because the days were light well into the night and we would have never have been able to stay up to watch them, so we turned in early. In the morning I had booked a horseback ride into the woods. When we got to the stables 6 big beautiful white dogs greeted us. Elma's (my guide) grand son joined me in the ride. The colts followed there moms along with the 3 of the big dogs. Back to the motorhome for lunch then off  to the Science and IMAX center and the Science Center was neat with experiments and the IMAX was about ice caves. 

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Next stop was to Winnipeg where we met another of Peggi's military friends. Fern was taking care of two foster kids Theresa age 12 and Angie age 4 so they came over for a get acquainted visit and decide on what we would do the next day. We decided on the museum of Man and Nature and it was so exciting having someone my age to tour with. After the guided tour of the museum we went to Chuckee Cheese for lunch. That was the neatest restaurant with lots of games, the three kids had o riot while Peggi and Fern caught up on all the news. After a short visit to their house we returned to the motorhome. 

The following day we were on the road again to Nipigon for a one night stay. That park had a unique selection of rocks and gems in the office. Bright and early the next morning we headed to Wa-Wa to see the big goose at the entrance of town. We also had time to shop for groceries, visit a beautiful waterfall, the beach and go to the library to check my e-mails. 

Two days at Sudbury was next main stop on the list.  Good days drive but the day we got there it was to late to do anything but the next morning we went to the museum to learn about the Nickel Mine and see two movies at the IMAX. It was fun touring the Science Centre museum but I would have enjoyed it more if I would have had a friend with me for company. 

The following day our trip would soon be over, we were on the last stretch home. Another good driving day with a few gift shop stops along the way. When we got home my dad was there to greet me but my mom and sister were at work. I felt like they truly missed me; they made a banner with balloons, to Welcome me home. That's the end of this trip and I am home to stay, for awhile.

 I would like to thank Peggi and John for taking me along with them on their travels from B. C to Ontario;  For all the extra time they spent stopping to show me interesting things on the way; For going out of their way to give me a good time and a trip to remember. Vacationing in a motor home was very different for me and an enjoyable experience. I would also like to thank their dogs Katie and Maddie for sharing their home with me for two weeks.

                                                   Kayla Frivalt



WelcomeHome.jpg (45595 bytes)



It was a good trip but there is no place like home 

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WelcomeKayla.jpg (28879 bytes)








"Welcome to 

Kelowna Kayla"


Kayla and her family are avid campers who spend many weekends in their pop-ups enjoying the wonders of Provincial Parks with several other families.



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MountainRd.jpg (22084 bytes)









Vistas like this are so outstanding from the passenger seat.







RevelstokeHotSprings.jpg (32321 bytes)









A swim in a Hot Springs surrounded by majestic mountains was a first for Kayla.







RidePlease.jpg (30519 bytes)








Everyone just has to have a firsthand look at the wonders of Banff.








WEdMall.jpg (53068 bytes)







Kayla and Wanda at the Incredible West Edmonton Mall.




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FeedingTheGoat.jpg (33436 bytes)










Feeding the goats in a very unique way during a lunch stop add interest to a long driving day.







GreatDino.jpg (55494 bytes)






TyrellMuseum.jpg (75291 bytes)










The Tyrell Museum is an outstanding display of young and old prehistoric animals roamed this earth 75 million years ago.












Dogs-stables.jpg (29896 bytes)









The magnificent dogs at the Ranch flocked to greet us.













Fern-n-kids.jpg (17704 bytes)









Fern's two foster kids provided a perfect interlude for Kayla to enjoy company her own age.











Kayla-ManHorses.jpg (32478 bytes)








En route to Winnipeg we stopped to enjoy a horse drawn covered wagon ride in Manitoba's desert near Brandon. Kayla loves her horses.




















































Kayla wanted 

the privilege of travelling in a motorhome. so she flew from Ontario Canada to British Columbia in June 2001









Kayla'sFrontSeatView.jpg (24677 bytes)








Kayla enjoys 

a magnificent view from the Passenger seat








Interesting shops add unexpected highlights.


InterestingStops.jpg (34128 bytes)











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LakeLouise.jpg (26298 bytes)








Lake Louise is breathtaking even in the rain.










GhostTown.jpg (29171 bytes)







Ghost Town 

was interesting even if the horses were out to pasture.











Giraffes.jpg (33932 bytes)











The Calgary Zoo was outstanding. There were so many babies to marvel.














Badlands.jpg (50922 bytes)








Our drive among Alberta's Badlands, the home of the Dinosaurs, was simply inspirational.







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Kayla-horseback.jpg (54817 bytes)








Finally by the time we got to Regina Kayla was able to enjoy a ride on horseback--- complete with colt in tow.














ChckeeCheese.jpg (26884 bytes)








Theresa, Angela and Kayla had a ball at the Museum and then an afternoon at Chuckee Cheese.






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Sudbury was another memorable highlight.


Sudbury.jpg (31415 bytes)












WaWa's amazing landmark---the Canada Goose.



WaWaGoose.jpg (24588 bytes)