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 "RV Living in the 21st Century addresses concerns of those visiting North America,  

American RVers as well as Canadians ". 

Advice from a road scholar

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Special to The Edmonton Sun  RV Adventures 

© Copyright 2005, printed with permission from The Edmonton Sun

If there was a manual for the rest of your life as detailed as Peggi McDonald’s manual for RVing, everything might just run according to plan. As it stands, if it’s happiness you want, pick up a copy of RV Living in the 21st Century and go RVing.

“I had a nephew come by and I gave him a book but he told me he didn’t need it – that he knew everything,” says McDonald, author of RV Living in the 21st Century. “When he came back he told me he couldn’t believe how much information there was that he didn’t know. “This book has everything from buying your first unit to going full time.”

McDonald published her first RV book, best seller Spirit of the Open Road, the Essential Guide for Canadian RVers, seven years ago after a dozen years of RVing. Now in her 20th year in the life, she thought it was time to revisit and revise what many consider the bible of Canada’s wheeled nomads (Author Note - "21st Century also addresses life on the move for  RVers from USA").

Spirit (of the Open Road) was grossly outdated,” she says. “Everything that was timeless was left in the book, but I added seven years.”

That timeless information helped Spirit sell well over 10,000 copies. Nonetheless, while the stationary world most of us live in may seem virtually unchanged over the past seven years, the world of RVers has been turned upside down.

“This is a changing lifestyle,” says McDonald, who would know a thing or two about changing lifestyles. She retired, along with her husband John, from the structure of the Canadian military in her mid-40s to the dynamic life of RVing. “First of all, no (RVers) had the Internet, and then 9-11 happened and then border crossing changed.”

Information, such as how to deal with customs, has been tailor-made for Canadians (Author Note - also die RVers from USA) in RV Living in the 21st Century. “There are things that concern us that don’t concern Americans because we’re not the same,” says McDonald of not only medical and legal differences, but cultural ones as well.   (Author update - 21st Century addresses concerns, medical, residency, banking etc. of  RVers everywhere).

However, the tried and true anecdotal advice is invaluable no matter what flag you fly. “It has how to drive, how to park, how to set up, packing – starting with buying your first RV, taking it home, setting it up, packing it, driving it and finding a campground,” says McDonald. “Even how to get mail. We might be on the road but we’re not out of touch.” Definitely not out of touch, but certainly away from home – a notion that is starting to sink in a bit. The McDonalds started their RV odyssey in their 40s. Now in their mid-60s, they’ve begun to wonder if it’s time to start thinking about retiring to their Southern Ontario home.

“We started thinking maybe we should give it up,” she says. “We put our motor home up for sale last year (Author Note - 2004) and were looking to retire to an apartment, but we ended up spending the winter in the south. Now, out of the next seven months, we have five months booked. What are we going to do – leave the apartment empty?

Now, there is no way are we selling, there’s too much to do.” She adds, “RV living is the freedom lifestyle. It is no wonder that 20 years of life on the move has not been enough. There’s always something around the next hill or bend. It’s such a hypnotic lifestyle.” To get a copy of RV Living in the 21st Century visit one of your local RV dealers or go to and follow the links to order the book or to check up on the McDonalds’ weekly adventure.

“It’s a great place to find about some extra RV life lessons,” she says. “We were hit by a bad storm, so I unplugged my computer even though we had a surge protector.  The transformer blew two of my laptop modems because I didn’t unplug the telephone lines. “It shows this information is not just for the brand new RVer but the seasoned RVer as well.”

                  Peggi McDonald’s RV Living in the 21st Century is a must for Canadian RVers.

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 NOTE FROM PEGGI "RV Living in the 21st Century also addresses concerns of American RVers as well". 




RV WebLinks Updated May 2014: Meet Your Hosts;   


Getting Started;  Articles; Destinations-(Canada, Mexico, USA);     


Many Recent Updates - Advice and How To;  Book Nook;  (As of Oct 10) RV Shows;   


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